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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Are You Buying Music Catalog?
We believe in a strong future for recorded music. Record labels we acquire or merge with receive the benefits of an highly motivated music marketing and sales team. We aggressively push all sales channels for recorded music including physical, synchronization, digital and mobile.

Why Have You Put Up This Website?
Though a website may seem a somewhat direct approach to those who prefer all business dealings to take place behind closed doors, we are a straightforward company with a a simple , strong message that we are happy to communicate .

I'm Quite Interested but not quite ready to fully sell out / let go yet?
Every deal is different , and the "sale & leaseback" is one option . Here we would purchase a portion or all of the rights / label brand and then lease them back to the original owners to exploit. We would then share the profits. This is particularly beneficial to those who wish to remain very with the label but need a capital injection.

I may be interested in selling portions of my catalog, Are you interested?
Yes . We are buying chunks of catalog with a proven sales history and postive long term sales potential.

We are looking for funding for new acts / startup label. Are you interested?
Ideally we are looking for a proven catalog sales history, either now, or at some time in the past. We don't discount anything but we are unlikely to back label start ups / unproven acts / small catalogs.

Where are You Based? Does Geography Matter?
Our teams are based in UK and Canada. Any deal in such territories is straightforward for us. If your record company and/or rights are for other territories , this is also workable for us. We have a network of global partners we work with.